Race & River Information

2014 Lions River Run
Race & River Information

Registration Price is $20 per person.

• The race will begin in Plaisted Maine which is approximately 12.3 miles from Fort Kent. The race start and staging area will be on Lakeside Lane. Parking will be allowed on the Gilmore Brook road. Unloading areas will be clearly marked and race staff will be present. Parking is limited and the race committee would ask racers to carpool or make arrangements to be dropped off at the starting location. The race will begin on Eagle Lake and morning registration will open at 9:00 a.m. and end at 10:45 a.m with a start or 11:00 a.m. Safety personnel will be in boats and canoes throughout the entire length of the race and will be able to assist within the guidelines of the race rules. Emergency medical staff will be available at several sites throughout the race including Soldier Pond, Fish River Falls, and Riverside Park. A beer garden will available at the Lions Den Pavilion located in Riverside Park during the awards ceremony will begin at 5 p.m. 1 hr after the mandatory finish time. Following the awards ceremony the Lions Club band will performing into the night. Stay with us to celebrate a great race, experience the warmth of Fort Kent and the pride of the Lions!

• The race is a total of 13.5 miles with approximately 2 miles of flat water in Eagle Lake and Soldier Pond. The Fish River is comprised of class I and II rapids with one IV rapid at the Fish River falls which is a mandatory portage. The Fish River is a scenic and fun river to paddle for both beginners and expert racers.

• Although the Fish River is tame in regards to Maine’s larger rivers there are several locations to keep an eye out for. Just beyond the piers of the historic log screen at the outflow of Eagle Lake is the first set of rapids. Depending on flow levels this area can be difficult to navigate and standing waves are common. From here it is a relatively quick paddle down to Soldier Pond where racers will encounter the last section of flat water.

• Once through Soldier Pond the swift water begins again and remains relatively constant. Shortly before the Fish River falls is an old mill site with piers still in tack. Racers will want to stay river right and avoid passing between piers as cement blocks and rebar are present. From this point racers should begin to prepare for portaging at the Fish River Falls.

• At the portage racers will exit river right 500’ before the falls. The portage is narrow and the water is fast. Racers should hold back if possible and wait for the area to clear before attempting an entry. Racers are asked to clear the portage as quickly and as safely as possible. Safety and race personnel will be on site to help keep the portage safe and open. There are short and long portage options. The short portage requires racers to lower their craft over a series of ledges in the fast water at the foot of the falls. The long portage allows racers to enter the river on a gravel bank in a back eddy.

• Once leaving the portage there are two more rapids to keep an eye out for. After crossing under the Northern Maine Railway trestle racers will encounter Pelletier Rapids. These rapids offer a 3-4’ vertical drop. Racers are encouraged to stay river right, but depending on flow, lines are also possible river left. After Pelletier rapids racers have the option of staying river right to avoid the last set of rapids or for those who wish, they can attempt to run Jacuzzi falls. The jaws above Jacuzzi falls has many boulders and ledges and the falls themselves offer a 5’ foot vertical drop. From here it is a quick paddle under the Mill Bridge, Heritage Trail Bridge, and Finish Line at the Fish River Bridge. Racers are asked to continue paddling to the confluence of the St. John River remaining river right and exiting immediately at Riverside Park.

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