Race Rules

2014 Lions River Run Race Rules

1. All participants must wear a properly fitting US Coast Guard approved life jacket.
2. All participants must sign a waiver form. Bibs WILL NOT be released until race staff has received a signed waiver form from each individual in a canoe, kayak, or other craft.
3. All participants under the age of 18 must have signed parental approval form. Approval form will be available at the time of registration on race day.
4. All participants 15 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult.
5. The race will start at 9:00 a.m. and 5 canoes will be released every 5 minutes.
6. No alcohol will be permitted in any canoe, kayak, or other craft.
7. Numbered bibs must be worn over PFD and at all times by the individual in the bow of the craft.
8. All participants in any of the canoe classes must use a single blade paddle. Kayaks or crafts in the open class can use either single or double blade paddles.
9. Race numbers must be placed on right bow of canoe, kayak, or other craft.
10. Fish River falls is a mandatory portage, any participant/participants who intentionally attempt to run the falls will be immediately disqualified by race staff.
11. Participants can receive help from safety personal to gather gear or locate canoe, kayak, or other craft. Participants must, however, right the vessel themselves without the aid of volunteers or safety personal.
12. No assistance is to be given to participants during the Fish River falls portage. All participants must drag or carry their craft under their own power.
13. In the occasion of emergency where participants require medical attention or need to be removed from the race, safety staff will be in assistance. Racers who cannot continue the race will be disqualified.
14. Overtaking canoes have the right of way on the river and also at the portage. Always allow faster racers the ROW.
15. Any participants who have not made it by the Fish River falls checkpoint/portage by 1:30 p.m or to the finish by 4:00 p.m. will automatically be disqualified by the sweep canoe.
16. Any participants disqualified during any portion of the race must immediately surrender their numbered bib to race personnel.
17. Race committee has authority to make judgments on any aspect of the race.
18. Have fun, enjoy the day, and Don’t Sweat the Wet!!



2013 Lions River Run

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