Lions Calender Information and Purchase

The Fort Kent Lions Club is well known for it’s One and Only bi-annual calender, which features members promiscuously posing for each month. The money raised by the calender sales will be donated to various great causes including the Edgar J. Paradis fund and Life Flight. If you would like to purchase a calender click the link below and enter our Facebook store to easily purchase a calender. Or fill out the form below and have one mailed to your door.

You can also send a check in the amount of $24.95 to Fort Kent Lions Club, PO Box 28, Fort Kent, Me 04743 and a calendar can be mailed to your home.

Fort Kent Lions Store

Fort Kent Lions Calender Purchase

  • Fill out the form to order your own Fort Kent Lions Calender. They are $20 each and $4.95 is added for shipping and handling costs.


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